Salomon Speedcross 3: off-road expert in complex terrain

Speedcross3 medium thickness of the elastic midsole, with Salomon exclusive wear-resistant outsole technology -Contagrip? Integrated density of the outsole, with the average protrusion height of 0.6cm long particles (for the general common cross-country running shoes 2 times) Bottom extension of the 2.9cm waterproof colloid, making it ideal for long-distance walking in the muddy or wading terrain, and to ensure that the runners feet do not water and moisture, to avoid discomfort and blisters.

Speedcross3 in the bottom of the particle configuration, forefoot and heel in the opposite direction of the <> type array, in line with the kinetic characteristics of the running process, the current pedal pushed to the rear and left the surface and shear, while> Of the particles provide excellent braking (grip) and flexibility, increased mobility in the uneven road surface efficiency, and difficult to sticky soil and gravel.

The tongue and the mouth part of the foot is OrthoLite? Foam foam technology, combined with EVA material heel cup (EVA Heel cup), the heel and dorsal clothing coated with the coating, and at the same time with comfortable ventilation and support , While the OrthoLite ® memory insoles embedded, and the running shoe combination of the inner edge of one of the molding, in addition to providing a good shock absorption, but also with the number of runners increased use of automatic fine-tuning, allowing users to run more Fit, good run.

Also on the Speedcross 3 upper textile technology Anti-debris mesh, is also quite worthy of discussion. It is a lattice-like high-density mesh structure, a substantial increase in its strength and durability, to prevent the gravel and debris intrusion and not easy to break, in the mountains or cold weather, better maintain the temperature of the foot And heat, so that runners to maintain a good foot state forward.

The results show that, Speedcross 3 full weight of 633.3 grams, compared with road running shoes no less, so that friends who love to ride the mountains, you can enjoy the speed and functionality, The Salomon Speedcross 3 is indeedbuilt for speed, but not at all costs. “, Meaning that this shoe is born for speed, but not sacrifice everything.